What exercise burns the most fat?

When it comes to weight loss, exercise is undoubtedly a tangled topic.

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body,


Does exercise reduces weight loss?

Which exercise has the best weight loss effect?

It seems to be unclear.

Today, we will figure out:

the relationship between exercise and weight loss.

Why does hard workout have no effect?

In order to clarify this question, let me tell you the story of my friend Jessi.

Summer is here and Jessi is determined to lose weight.

She specially hired a fitness instructor, and each class exercises a lot, and very intense.

After one week, the weight dropped by 3kg. Jessi went to the gym to run more frequently, almost once a day, all kinds of exercises.

As a result, one month later, her weight actually only dropped by 1kg.

Jessi asked, why did my hard work have no effect? Is she born fat?

After listening to her complaint, I asked a question: Have you controlled your diet?

Jessi said: Not really. If you exercise so much every day, Not okay to eat more?

At this point, I understand.

Why does Jessi fail to lose weight? Because she made two mistakes:

First, she did not manage other aspects of her lifestyle well besides exercise. The most important thing was her diet;

Second, she chose the wrong exercise.

Can exercise really lose weight?

Let’s talk about the first mistake-only exercise, not diet properly.

In the past, we always believed that to lose weight is to “stretch your legs” and exercise to lose weight. However, medical weight loss studies have found that-if not combined with dietary adjustments, the effects of exercise on weight loss vary greatly, ranging from a little effect to completely useless.

Didn’t you expect it?

Why does hard workout have no effect?

There are two main reasons:

First, most people overestimate the consumption of exercise.

Although exercise is very tiring, it consumes very little energy.

Playing basketball for half an hour consumes about 220 calories, which is less than the calories of a cup of milk tea; riding a bicycle for half an hour only consumes about 145 calories, which is a bottle of Sprite.

What about the second?

After exercising, many people reward themselves for a big meal. If you are not careful, your energy intake will exceed the standard, and of course you will not lose weight.

In short, exercise only has a limited effect on weight. Without changing other lifestyles, just wanting to lose weight through exercise is basically impossible.

Now you know, why did Jessi who exercised hard but failed to lose weight?

Exercise only has a limited effect on weight.

Does it mean that exercise is useless for weight loss and our sweat is in vain? Nor is it. Almost all studies have found that-as long as combined with comprehensive lifestyle management, the weight loss effect of exercise is immediately different.

Under the intervention of a comprehensive lifestyle, people who insist on exercising for more than

200 minutes a week can lose an average of 13.1 kg in 6 months; those who insist on exercising for 150 to 200 minutes a week lose an average of 8.5 kg; Less than 150mins one week, only lose 3.5kg in 6 months.

You see, the more you exercise, the more you lose.

Why is there such a completely different effect?

A simple explanation in one sentence is:

Exercise is the driving force behind the formation of a new lifestyle.

When exercising, the brain secretes a reward substance called “dopamine”, which makes people feel euphoric.

Over time, exercise will become our habit like an addiction.

At the same time, after each exercise, our confidence in our ability to change behavior and habits will continue to increase.

This will further encourage us to change our original lifestyle habits and internalize the changes into new lifestyles.

So, can exercise lose weight? The answer is yes, but it must be combined with lifestyle management.

Diet management is the soul of weight loss, exercise is the soul mate. Without a partner, can you imagine the loneliness of the soul after this long way to lose weight?

What kind of exercise burns most fat?

Next, let’s talk about Jessi’s second mistake:

choosing the wrong exercise.

For an exercise to burn fat efficiently, it must meet three requirements at the same time.

First, aerobic.

Burning fat is a process that requires the participation of oxygen. And the higher the proportion of oxygen, the more fully the fat burning. Therefore, to lose weight, it is necessary to choose exercises with high oxygen participation, which is the so-called “aerobic exercise”.

For example, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and mountain climbing have more aerobic parts, which are very effective for weight loss; while weight training, squatting, hip bridge and other strength training, as well as most ball sports, aerobic part is relatively smaller, and the weight loss effect is normal.

Second, exercise intensity should be appropriate.

As exercise intensity increases, the body’s efficiency in metabolizing fat will also change. First, follow the increase, but when the exercise intensity increases to a certain point, the part of anaerobic metabolism will become more and more, and the efficiency of fat consumption will be greatly reduced. In other words, it’s half the effort. This will definitely not work, we have to find the point with the highest fat burning efficiency.

You may want t know:

where exactly  your inflection point is, you need to go to the hospital to do a cardiopulmonary exercise experiment.

If you don’t need to be very precise, it’s easy to handle here:

If you are healthy and younger than 55 years old, I can give you a formula:

Optimal heart rate for aerobic exercise = (220-age-resting heart rate) X | 40%-60% | + resting heart rate

Now take your pencil and calculat  your best heart rate to burn fat.

As long as your heart rate remains in this range during exercise, which is what we call moderate-intensity exercise, the efficiency of burning fat is the highest. Of course, to calculate your heart rate, you need a bracelet, heart rate belt and other equipment that can detect your heart rate.

If you are over 55 years old, or have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, coronary heart disease, etc., please counsult doctors directly.

In addition to aerobic and appropriate intensity,

Third for burning fat is to exercise for a certain period of time.

Even for moderate-intensity aerobic exercise with the highest fat burning efficiency, 60% of the consumed sugar in the first 30 minutes is stored in the muscles.

In other words, to burn fat, moderate-intensity aerobic training requires at least 30 minutes.

However, in the weight loss,  have a time-saving exercise, the famous HIIT, also called “high-intensity interval training.”

You may know that it is a combination of high-intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise, even rest.

For example, run fast for 1 minute, then rest on the spot for three to four minutes, then run fast for 1 minute, and then rest… and so on.

HIIT’s fat burning efficiency is indeed very high. Many studies have shown that 25 minutes of HIIT burns fat, and moderate-intensity exercise requires 41 minutes.

However, the intensity of HIIT is very high and it is very tiring to run. Whether it can be done every day, whether it is suitable for everyone, whether you can persevere, and the damage that high-intensity exercise may cause, are still controversial.

At present, the most reliable method recommended by the authoritative scientific weight loss guide is not HIIT, but more than 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week.

So don’t be afraid of sports.

If you can accept high-intensity exercise, you can choose HIIT, just pay attention to safety; if you feel tired, just slow down, and more than 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week is also completely OK; if you are still tired, you still can’t persist. does not matter.

I’ll give you another big trick:

Data from the National Weight Control Registry of the United States shows that among all sports,

brisk walking has the highest weight loss success rate,

which is higher than moderate-intensity jogging, swimming, and HIIT.

Was it unexpected?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand.

Although these exercises are more efficient in burning fat, they all have thresholds. It is quite difficult to persist day after day for a month, or even a lifetime.

But getting yourself to walk for 30 minutes a day as quickly as possible is not difficult, right?

It is easy to become a part of our lifestyle, and weight loss is naturally the best.

Reduce fat, but also body shaping

I just talked about weight loss and fat burning, but the biggest effect of exercise is not these, but body shaping.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to have a perfect body shape, you must reshape your waist to hip ratio.

To put it simply, reduce the waist circumference and increase the hip circumference. To change these two physical data, it is difficult to adjust diet alone, and more depends on exercise.

Lets talk about reducing waist circumference.

The size of the waist is determined by the amount of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. The aerobic exercises we mentioned earlier, such as jogging and swimming, can already reduce visceral fat. But this is not enough, there is subcutaneous fat.

In order to reduce the subcutaneous fat of the waist, it is necessary to combine certain strength training and do some exercises to exercise the waist and abdomen muscles. Such as curling, hip bridge, barbell, and thin waist are all good.

reducing waist circumference

To improve the waist-to-hip ratio, thin waist is not enough, but hips have to be enlarged. This requires exercise of the buttocks muscles such as the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius, and compound movements such as squats, planks, and push-ups are good.

The waist-to-hip ratio is reduced and the waist curve comes out, not only healthy, but also more beautiful. And these exercises will make your hips more upturned. When the hip is tilted, the visual effect of the leg will be elongated by 5-10cm. If you want to have long legs, try this.


1. Exercise is not omnipotent, but no exercise is absolutely impossible. A combination of exercise and diet can quickly lose weight.

2. Take moderate-intensity aerobic exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time to burn fat efficiently.

3. If you can bear it, then HIIT; if you can’t bear it, then go briskly every day.

4. Build a perfect body, aerobic exercise and strength training.


What exercise burns the most fat?