Semaglutide VS Orlistat, Safe weight loss solution?

Safe weight loss medicine

If you really want to take medicine to lose weight, Orlistat is the safest one today, which achieves weight loss by inhibiting the absorption of fat from the intestines.


Orlistat, by combining with lipase in the gastrointestinal tract, achieves the effect of preventing fat absorption.
Among all weight loss drugs, its weight loss logic is the simplest, with almost no potential safety issues.


However, it is particularly reminded that you’d better buy less for the first time, for example, only buy the amount for a few days.
Because its side effect (in fact, it is not a side effect, it should be said that it is an inconvenience caused by the principle of action) is that the oil will flow out from below at any time. Even sometimes you will squirt some oil when you fart.

That’s why I said that buy less the first time, and if you adapt it then the second batch.

This reduction in fat absorption does not mean that many people imagine that I can eat whatever I want.
In fact, Orlistat can only reduce fat absorption by 30%.
In other words, if you eat too much, there is still too much energy left in the body, and people will still get fat.
Therefore, this medicine must be combined with dietary adjustments to be effective.


At the same time, since the fat that is eaten cannot be completely absorbed and needs to be excreted, fatty diarrhea is inevitable. It is often that all underwear is oily, which is very embarrassing. And because fat cannot be completely absorbed, some fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K are very likely to be lacking, so you have to supplement it when taking this.

Data of effect

It seems a lot of unconvience, how about the weight loss effect of Orlistat?
Data Display:
After taking Orlistat, 44% of people can lose 5% of their weight within one year, which is 2.6kg on average, which is far less magical than the advertisements.

In fact, it’s not just Orlistat, the most powerful weight-loss drug at present is far less effective than lifestyle management.
Moreover, the side effects of weight-loss drugs, such as nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, palpitation, arrhythmia, etc., occur at close to 2%.

Another New product on weight loss?

So, what if you don’t want to exercise, you can’t control your diet, the nature of your work does not allow you to eat orlistat, and you want to lose weight?

Five years ago, there was really nothing to do.

But now, a new solution is about to come out, and that is semaglutide.

It was originally a hypoglycemic drug, but it was later discovered that the weight loss effect was very good.

In December 2020, the results of the 4 phases of the Phase III clinical trial were announced:

In the first stage, 1961 people received 1 injection every week, and their average body weight was reduced by 16.9% at 68 weeks. In the second stage of 1201 people, the injection dose was reduced to 40% of the first stage, and the average body weight was reduced by 10.6% at 68 weeks. 611 people in the 3rd stage, keep the same dose as in the 1st stage, In addition to not letting them eat junk food, they lost 17.6% of their weight. In the fourth stage, 803 people did not reduce the dose, and the average weight loss was 18.2%, which is almost equivalent to reducing from 120 catties to 98 catties and 160 catties to 130 catties. This result is very eye-catching, even if the dose is halved,

They are much better than the weight-loss drugs that appeared before.

So we can say that the global obesity community is waiting for this drug to be approved, and it is almost certain, soon.

Surely, the price of a medicine with such a good effect is definitely not cheap as soon as it goes on the market.

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Semaglutide VS Orlistat, Safe weight loss solution?