YK-11 (Myostatin) 10grams Raw powder

YK-11 (Myostatin) 10grams Raw powder



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Name: YK-11

CAS No.: 1370003-76-1

Other Names: YK11; (17α,20E)-17,20-[(1-methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic acid methyl ester

Purity: 99%min

Brand Name: UNEWLIFE

Grade: Pharm Medicine Grade

MFG: Fresh batch in 2023

Shelf Life: 2 years of proper storage

Appearance: White Powder

Test Reports: MS/COA/HPLC

MOQ: 10 grams raw powder.

Packing: discreet package.

Shipping: by express or post.

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What is YK-11?

Research has shown that YK-11 inhibits myostatin. It stimulates muscle cells to produce more follistatin, a strong inhibitor of myostatin. Myostatin (also known as growth factor 8) is a protein produced by muscle cells that acts on muscle cells to inhibit myogenesis. Research over the years shows that when you block myostatin, it significantly increases muscle mass.
Initial research by Japanese researcher Yuichiro Kanno at Toho University in 2011 showed that YK-11 attaches itself to the androgen receptor and causes muscle cells to produce more anabolic factors.
He also found that YK-11 induces muscle cells to produce more follistatin, which reduces myostatin and also increases muscle growth through this mechanism. YK-11 selectively binds to the androgen receptors in the same way as LGD-4033 and MK-2866. This means that YK-11 is promising as a therapy for muscle-destroying diseases and for promoting massive muscle growth.
Like MK-2866 and LGD-4033, YK-11 binds to the androgen receptors in muscles and bones. YK-11 has a weak anabolic to androgenic ratio of over 25:1. This means that YK-11 is very weakly androgenic and has anabolic effects while minimising negative effects on the prostate and other organs.
YK-11 appears to be weakly suppressive of the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA), but much less so than anabolic steroids or prohormones.
YK-11 users have not observed increases in estrogen and reduce sex hormone-binding globulin (which would result in increased free testosterone, but not total testosterone). In addition, YK-11 is a drier compound than LGD-4033 and is excellent for lean gains similar to testosterone. It produces fat-free, dry, easily maintained gains in strength and muscle, and reduces existing body fat.

What results can you expect with Enhanced Athlete YK-11

Positive ratings from Enhanced Athlete YK-11 report that it greatly increases muscle mass and that its effects are seen within a week. However, these claims are clouded by the fact that people use different doses, cycle lengths or combine YK11 with other SARMs.
Bodybuilders have experimented with YK11 in both Bulks and Cutten. YK11 is said to be useful in bellowing because it builds up a lot of dry muscle in a short period of time. Others have taken advantage of YK11’s ability to burn fat and harden muscle by using it in cutting cycles.

YK-11 side effects

YK11 can potentially be toxic to the liver. However, some users reported doing blood tests during cycles of YK11 and the initial results did not indicate any abnormal markers of liver damage. We recommend using liver support throughout your cycle.
Mild suppression of testosterone has been reported. To be on the safe side, almost all bodybuilding resources recommend post-cycle therapy (PCT) after a cycle of YK11.
Other reported side effects include
  • Increased aggression
  • Joint pain
  • Little energy
  • Mild suppression of testosterone
  • Hair loss
  • Mild acne


Building muscle with YK-11

YK11 stimulates the growth of muscle cells by increasing follistatin levels, according to cell-based studies. Follistatin suppresses myostatin, a protein that normally stops excessive muscle growth. Anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders suggests that it is effective in increasing muscle size. Users report muscle growth of up to 7 pounds and a decrease in body fat after a single cycle.


Is Enhanced Athlete YK-11 a SARM or a steroid?

YK11 is a steroid made by directly changing the chemical structure of DHT. All other SARMs, on the other hand, have a non-steroidal structure. YK11 and SARMs work differently in the body and can have different side effects.YK-11 has a very unique structure that has more in common with steroids than with SARMs.

Because this class of medicines is so new, there is no established naming convention. Based on its activity and chemical structure, it may be better to call YK11 a synthetic steroid rather than a SARM.


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 mm



Raw powder


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White lyophilized powder



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Pharmaceutical medicine Grade


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