Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1): 50mg (5mg*10vials/box)

Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1): 5mg*10vials/box



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Name: thymosin alpha 1

CAS No.: 62304-98-7

Purity: 98.5%min

Other Names: Tα1

Brand Name: UNEWLIFE

Grade: Pharm Medicine Grade

MFG: Fresh batch in 2023

Shelf Life: 2 years of proper storage

Appearance: White Powder

Test Reports: MS/COA/HPLC

Packing: 5mg/vial,10 vials/Box

Label: without labels, can be OEM/ODM customized.

Box: white carton box, that can be OEM/ODM customized.

Shipping: by express or post.

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Thymosin alpha 1 is a peptide naturally occurring in the thymus that has long been recognized for modifying, enhancing, and restoring immune function. Thymosin alpha 1 has been utilized in the treatment of immunocompromised states and malignancies, as an enhancer of vaccine response, and as a means of curbing morbidity and mortality in sepsis and numerous infections. Studies have postulated that thymosin alpha 1 could help improve the outcome in severely ill corona virus disease 2019 patients by repairing damage caused by overactivation of lymphocytic immunity and how thymosin alpha 1 could prevent the excessive activation of T cells. In this review, we discuss key literature on the background knowledge and current clinical uses of thymosin alpha 1. Considering the known biochemical properties including antibacterial and antiviral properties, time-honored applications, and the new promising findings regarding the use of thymosin, we believe that thymosin alpha 1 deserves further investigation into its antiviral properties and possible repurposing as a treatment against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2.

BENEFITS OF Thymosin alpha 1:

Thymosin Alpha 1 has numerous health benefits that include:

  • It boosts immunity by enhancing the function of T-cells
  • It is an effective treatment for Hepatitis B and C
  • It alleviates symptoms of chronic conditions like Lyme disease and chronic fatigue
  • It eradicates tumors and destroys unhealthy cells, preventing them from multiplying
  • It prevents the spread of infections and disease in the body
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight inflammation
  • It boosts immunity in people with chronic diseases and those undergoing chemotherapy
  • It protects cells from damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Studies show that it improves the efficacy of vaccines
  • It strengthens natural immunity by prompting the body to fight invasions.


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White lyophilized powder



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Pharmaceutical medicine Grade


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