Semaglutide: 50mg (5mg*10vials/box)

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Semaglutide: 5mg*10vials/box 50mg/box

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Name: Semaglutide

About Semaglutide:

Read more: The Complete Semaglutide (GLP-1) Guidebook


CAS No.: 910463-68-2

Other Names: Semaglutide/ NN9535/ 910463-68-2/ NN 9535

Molecular Formula: C187H291N45O59

Purity: 98.5%min

Brand Name: UNEWLIFE

Grade: Pharm Medicine Grade

MFG: each batch fresh

Shelf Life: 2 years of proper storage

Appearance: White Powder

Test Reports: MS/COA/HPLC

Packing: upgraded 5mg/vial,10 vials/Box, 50mg/box

Label: without labels, can be OEM/ODM customized.

Box: white carton box, that can be OEM/ODM customized.

Shipping: by express or post.

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Semaglutide is a recombinant DNA produced polypeptide analogue of human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) which is used in combination with diet and exercise in the therapy of type 2 diabetes, either alone or in combination with other antidiabetic agents. There have been no published reports of hepatotoxicity attributed to semaglutide therapy.

Semaglutide is a polypeptide that contains a linear sequence of 31 amino acids joined together by peptide linkages. It is an agonist of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptors (GLP-1 AR) and used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It has a role as a hypoglycemic agent, a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, an anti-obesity agent, a neuroprotective agent and an appetite depressant. It is a polypeptide and a lipopeptide.




Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 mm





discreet packing safe delivery


White lyophilized powder



Test method



Print on demand


Pharmaceutical medicine Grade

19 reviews for Semaglutide: 50mg (5mg*10vials/box)

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    thanks lary told me your shop, so happy to find this secret garden shop.

  2. T Dubbs (verified owner)

    Great team. Ordered from here five times now.

  3. Ricardo Aular (verified owner)

    Siento que en estos meses que las tomo, he logrado mas tonicidad. Muy buenas

  4. Rebecca Fox (verified owner)

    This product is a definitly worth the money. Has no taste, a great product.

  5. Jessica C. (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping great quality product for the money

  6. nancy jaros (verified owner)

    Can’t even say anything bad!! They definitely work. I read what exactly they and they do it.

  7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    It’s great my sister used it, she was excited about changes as she said

  8. Matthew (verified owner)

    I purchased for weight management and I believe they are working.

  9. Joanna Robinson (verified owner)

    Good package, without any labels on, best ever!

  10. Ashley (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about buying these because of the unbelievable prices, you know. But I just couldn’t shake that this product worked for so many people. I have been taking them for about 2-3 weeks and it worked amazing. I’m eating healthier, with less sugar and they do work. As long as you put the work in with them.

  11. pam (verified owner)

    works great fast shipping & great packaging
    thank u guys

  12. Anna (verified owner)

    These work for me! They curve your appetite very well.

  13. Omar (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  14. Livewithkindness (verified owner)

    I’m been using from other places for 11 weeks then started using from Unewlife these are 100% legit . I’m telling everyone I can about it !

  15. Mindy * (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to try Semaglutide at first, but I’m so glad I did. It’s helped me a lot yeaah!

  16. ROSARIO DIAZ (verified owner)

    Lo bueno es que es natural, lo que estaba buscando

  17. Ingridfitbos (verified owner)

    Good value and effective

  18. Rudy (verified owner)

    Responsive customer support and remarkable product effectiveness.

  19. Linda Trostrud (verified owner)

    Same product I buy in the store but at a much better price.

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