2 Easy Ways to Beat Insomnia from Body Principle

Some ask me how to solve not being able to sleep?

Today, I will come to a hard science popularization to solve everyone’s insomnia troubles.

First, we start with the principle.

I’m only talking about normal insomnia, not insomnia caused by physical diseases.

For example, chronic sinusitis causes you to have difficulty breathing, which naturally makes it difficult to fall asleep. For example, asthma makes it difficult for you to breathe, so it is naturally difficult to fall asleep. People can be woken up by lack of oxygen, then better to consult a doctor first.

But if you are in good health and usually have no problem sleeping, but you will toss and turn every now and then and cannot sleep, which seriously affects your work and life, then I can help you.

Why do people have insomnia?

I don’t know what others but to me if I got insomnia, it must be caused by too much thinking, otherwise it is impossible to insomnia.

When many take a nap, they can fall asleep in seconds in such a poor environment, but at night with such good sleep conditions, they have trouble falling asleep.


First of all, you know that the brain is a human organ that follows the basic laws of human operation.

Without a large blood supply, your stomach cannot digest food at high intensity.

Without a large blood supply, your muscles cannot lift heavy objects at high intensity.

Without a large blood supply, your brain can’t think hard.

But the total amount of blood is limited.

Human organs use completely different amounts of blood when they are at rest and when they are working.

Not excited

Take the stomach as an example.

After a person is full, the stomach needs to work quickly to digest food, so the human body needs to provide a large amount of blood to provide oxygen and energy to the stomach.

The more blood is consumed by the stomach, the less blood is consumed by other body organs.

Therefore, people are easily sleepy when they are full, because the amount of blood provided to the brain at this time is very small, which cannot support the brain to think intensively about problems.

In the same way, try not to exercise vigorously after eating.

If you have to exercise vigorously, the muscles of the whole body will rob the blood that should be provided to the stomach, which will cause indigestion, accumulation of food, and eventually lead to a series of physical problems. .

Take muscles as an example. When muscles work, they need a lot of blood to provide oxygen and energy.

Therefore, when people are exercising, they can only exercise and cannot do other things.

Let me give you an example, when you are quiet, you can deduce mathematical equations in your brain, and you can think about many, many things.

But if you go for a run, your brain will be in a stagnant state, and you can only think about extremely simple problems, and even more complex logical deductions cannot be carried out.

If you don’t believe me, you can try to think about the problem while running vigorously, and then you will find that your IQ has dropped by countless levels in an instant, and you feel like your brain is a mess. It takes a long time to think about a simple question before you can move on to the next step.

If the intensity of your running exceeds a certain limit, resulting in excessive muscle congestion, your brain will even enter a blank state, leaving only the motor instinct, and all you can think about is how to finish this last run, and what else Ideas don’t come up.

People tend to get sleepy when exposed to the sun in a temperature that is not too hot. It is also because the blood is concentrated to the skin, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain. The reason is the same.

The brain is also a human organ. When the brain works, it also needs a lot of blood to provide oxygen and energy.

But during sleep, the brain stops thinking, and instead of flooding the brain with too much blood, there is cerebrospinal fluid.

But if you think about the problem, the brain will enter a state of high excitement, which will mobilize a large amount of blood in the human body to gather the brain.

The more blood there is, the more excited the brain is, and the harder it is for you to fall asleep.

At this point, you will fall asleep.

The biggest reason for many insomnia is that they have a wrong view that the time before falling asleep at night is worthless and is “idle time”, and they can take the opportunity to think about some very complicated things.

If you are tired, you will fall asleep. How efficient is the use of this time?

There are many people who hold this kind of thinking. Many people have been indoctrinated from childhood to make good use of the time before going to bed to improve their study efficiency. .

There is no problem with implementing this strategy in middle and high school, but if you have an attitude of saving time by letting your brain think about things before going to bed, you will naturally suffer from insomnia when you grow up.

Reading hard understanding books, listening to boring podcasts, and reciting ancient poems are very boring things. They are your subconsciously disgusted with. It is difficult for you to get more and more excited. Go to sleep slowly.

Many people can fall asleep during meeting because you don’t like this stuff subconsciously.

And if you are the kind of person who gets more excited by listening to Second language recordings, then you can switch to mathematics teaching recordings, and if you are more excited, you can switch to physics/chemistry/history/politics teaching recordings. There is always one You are excluded.

Normal people will fall asleep quickly even if they listen to boring postcast, but when they grow up, if they think about everything before falling asleep, it is impossible for them to exclude things every time. How to solve some of the problems that you want to solve, such as thinking about some of your life decisions in the future, then something goes wrong.

It’s okay to think about something you don’t like, and you might even fall asleep faster, but if you think about something that excites you, it’s all over, and you’ll have insomnia.

If you want to fall asleep at this time, you have to forcefully interrupt the work of your brain and force them not to think about those exciting things.

The so-called counting sheep method, forcing your brain to count sheep one by one, and using this kind of boring behavior to reduce brain excitement is the principle.

But many can count sheep for a few hours, but they can’t eliminate the excitement of the brain, because when counting sheep, they always think about other things unconsciously. The brain is always excited.

At this point, you can choose some things you don’t like to think about, such as listening to boring postcast and using all your brain power to memorize words.

The more you hate memorizing things, the faster you will fall asleep, the blood will flow out of your brain rapidly, and you will fall asleep instantly.

Of course, many adults after graduation do not have academic pressure, and thus do not have the kind of motivation to force themselves to memorize books, and do not have the will to mobilize all the brain power to memorize words, so this approach is not effective.

At this time, you can consider reading books, but not the kind of books that you particularly like and are very long, such as novels that you particularly like, then the more you read, the more excited you will be, and it is possible to read novels all night.

You can read the book you like, but it must be very short, and then you have to read the book you don’t like. The contrast effect is strong, and it can help you sleep.

The so-called disliked book is the kind of book that is useful to you, but not very useful, and you don’t particularly want to read, but it is very long.

If you are a technical worker, read those technical books for the industry.

You need to do research, and you need to read books. Is there any book that you have read theoretically that is helpful for research, but you don’t bother to look at it for a month?

If there is, put it on the head of the bed, get up and read when you are insomnia, and memorize English words before going to bed when you are a child.

If you are not a technical worker, there must be some books that you think you should read, but have not read for a long time after you buy them, such as XX management experience.

Put it on the head of the bed and read it when you have insomnia, and you will soon be sleepy. The less lazy you usually read, the better the sleep aid effect.

In addition, there is another way, that is to exercise.

For me, instead of reading books and listening to boring podcast, I chose to exercise.

I often don’t have time to exercise. It’s purely for the sake of my health and is forced to exercise, so for me, exercise is an option that is somewhat useful, but not very useful, and I don’t particularly like it.

Exercise when I have insomnia, I don’t feel like a waste of time, and I feel sleepy very quickly.

Please note that what I call exercise is not the same as serious exercise. Normal exercise will excite the human body and relieve sleepiness, but I am not.

Of course, exercising too much can make you extremely tired and easy to fall asleep, but it’s hard for the average person to do that.

What I’m talking about here is light exercise, the kind that ordinary people can easily do.

If I go into insomnia by rambling in bed, the first thing I have to do is force the blood out of my brain.

At this time, do push-ups, 20 push-ups are enough to make the brain enter a short blank state, and then you can rest, and you can take the opportunity to complete the exercise target for this week.

This exercise is low intensity but useful, purely for the purpose of diverting blood.

I mentioned this method before, but a lot of people don’t understand it. It’s because they have done 20 push-ups, moved the blood away, and then started to think about the problem, causing the blood to return to the brain again, which is of no use.

Remember, after doing push-ups, the brain will enter a short-term blank. At this time, you should constantly stress that you should go to bed quickly, and don’t think about problems.

Why is the environment so bad during a nap, so many people can sleep in seconds?

Because everyone knows that their nap time is very short, only about an hour, and if they don’t sleep, they will soon be gone. Almost no one will think wildly during the nap. They all know that they have no time to think about problems at this time, and their minds are full of thoughts. Go to bed quickly, so you can sleep in seconds.

But at night, many people feel that there is a lot of time, and it doesn’t matter if you think about something, anyway, there is still more time to sleep, so when you think about things, you go to the street.

Not thinking about things is the key to falling asleep at night. Simple exercises like push-ups just force the blood to flow out of the brain, giving you a chance to fall asleep quickly. The key is that you can’t think about things.

If you can’t stop your thoughts and think about that over and over again, there’s actually a way.

Continue to do 20 push-ups, then 20 more, until you are tired, until you don’t want to do it, and you don’t want to move.

The physical strength of ordinary office workers, 3 sets of push-ups are enough, and there is absolutely no pressure to drive them.

If you are a fitness expert, you can go up the stairs and climb the 32nd floor directly until you don’t want to move.

Those boring and uninteresting things, do more and repeat them.

Then, hypnotize yourself.

Brain: Get out of bed immediately and climb the stairs for me!

You: don’t go!

Brain: Get out of bed immediately and climb the stairs for me!


Brain: Get out of bed immediately and climb the stairs for me!

you: zzZ

Constantly ordering yourself to do things you don’t like doing, like rolling over and doing 20 push-ups immediately, like getting out of bed immediately and going up the stairs for me, all those orders in your head, but you don’t want to move.

If you want to enhance the effect, you can control your muscles to move a little in your brain. Suppose you turn over to do exercise, keep making assumptions, and constantly control your muscles to move a little bit, as if you are about to get up.

Because you definitely don’t want to get up, you will not execute the command to simulate getting up, and you will be very resistant to mobilizing your muscles.

You send commands to mobilize the muscles, which will cause some blood to accumulate near the muscles, reduce the blood supply to the brain, and then your brain is always giving some commands that you hate and don’t want to execute.

This is similar to the principle of counting sheep, but it is much more effective than counting sheep. It’s just that you need to understand the working principle of the brain to understand why it is done. It is very complicated to describe.

If you want yourself to fall asleep, your brain must not be flooded with blood. You must force the blood to flow out of your brain, and you can go anywhere. Just don’t go to your brain, and you can’t keep your brain in a state of excitement.

Everything that can excite your brain is the natural enemy of your sleep, and insomnia is all caused by it.

Fitness is very anti-human, because human nature does not want to exercise. In the evolutionary history of billions of years, humans have sufficient motivation to exercise only when they hunt for food. At other times, they can lie down and never sit.

Minimize your physical exertion. This is human instinct, so you are instinctively disgusted with fitness.

But exercising does benefit the body, so you might find it helpful to do it every once in a while.

It’s useful, but you’re repulsive.

For adults, this is a typical English recording, the perfect substitute.

Can’t sleep? Get up and try 20 push-ups.

If you still can’t sleep, get up again and try 20 push-ups.

This cycle repeats, I see you can repeat a few sets, there will always be times when the brain initiates the push-up command but you refuse to execute it.

If you can do three or five sets of push-ups, it is considered to be healthy. It is not a waste of time, it is not a loss.

When you want to do the next set of push-ups, but your body is unwilling to move, you only need to repeatedly ask your body to get up and do push-ups immediately, then you are not far from sleep.

Anyone who has fallen asleep in class when they are young, can use this method to solve the problem of insomnia.

Insomnia will cause physical fatigue, decreased concentration and memory, will cause a decline in work and learning ability, will make you less energetic the next day, extremely uncomfortable, and will also cause your body to enter a sub-healthy state, which is completely useless. matter.

Everyone knows that insomnia is not good, but there are not many people who know how to fixe sleep problem.


Through my own summary, I have come up with a set of practical methods to solve the problem of insomnia, and the effect is remarkable without taking medicine.

  1. Get to know why sleep disorders.
  2. How to do? Get out of bed when you can’t sleep. Don’t try to force yourself to sleep. Tossing and turning only amps up your anxiety. Do boring things or light physical activities.

I hope this article today can help you, so that you and the people around you can get rid of the trouble of insomnia from now on.


2 Easy Ways to Beat Insomnia from Body Principle